Location: New Orleans, LA

Completion: May 2015

In 2015 a competition sponsored by the ICMA organization posed a competition prompt where students were to design a library with steel as a primary material in construction. The library was to be placed in an area being redeveloped in New Orleans, Louisiana. The library was to address cultural and social challenges the area was experiencing at the time the competition was placed and in addition propose solutions to the area’s catastrophic climate conditions.



From initial concept design, an approach needed to be determined in order to determine form and system. The approach consisted of a step by step process through which we defined a system from the system came structure and ultimately resulted in a design solution. The design consisted of also allowing for a multifunction building with seamless integration.


The overall concept of the structure was based on a system of intersecting members from which at every intersection created a 45-degree angle, allowing the building to be supported entirely by its exterior members. By creating three separate structures yet maintaining one building identity, one was able to create pedestrian flow from every direction in regards to the site provided. Taking all these items into account, one was able to arrive at cohesive solution that proved successful in addressing all conditions